Shelly and a friend going home for X’mas

Great news at the cattery today. We “middle-manned” adoption for a pair of cats at Foster Mum’s, one of them being Shelly.

The other cat, who’s going to the same home, is a LOVELY tabby named Socks:


Coincidentally, both Socks and Shelly are mitten kitties:

Like Shelly, Socks is a very kissy kitty:

The duo will go home with JT either tomorrow or Monday, as a X’mas surprise for his wife and daughter.

As Shelly and Socks live in different rooms in the cattery, JT might need a bit more time to introduce them together.


4 responses to “Shelly and a friend going home for X’mas

  1. Yay for Shelly and Socks! I love mitten kitties. Nice new blog layout, BTW!!

  2. Thanks!

    Figured it was time for a change. Hee.

  3. Mitten kitties as with extra toes?

  4. Extra toes are polydactyls.

    Mittens mean patterned cats with white paws like wearing paws… tuxedo cats are also mitten wearers.