Daily Archives: December 29, 2007

Chloe is actually a Freddy

Earlier this evening, we came home by way of Chloe’s spot.

She wasn’t there, but instead we saw her on Ian’s, or rather Isam‘s perch.

Again, with this family’s penchant for luring good-looking cats to their door, we were not surprised. the famil was not home however, and nor one of the resident cats were around. We called to her, and surprising us out of our sandals, she immediately jumped out of the shoe rack and trotted towards us. She was extremely friendly and responsive. We decude that this msut be the usual tmie she got fed by the family, and being deprived of her usual meal, she’s hungry and willing to be friends.

We got her to follow us behind the family’s unit for a good look. It turns out that she has balls… so now she is Freddy.

Floored by the revelation

A very handsome agouti tabby tuxedo, he has a perfect lnog tail. He looks to about 1 year old. He also has a very soft sweet voice.

Freddy is also extremely friendly and trusting. Even though he’s not a girl, we still feel that he ought to be relieved of his mojo – our operation treats all cats the same way. But this being the weekend, and Monday New Year’s Eve, it would be difficult to book him an appointment with any vet. But given that it was a rare chance to see him outside the school premises, and being so responsive, we did not want to miss the chance.

So we called Foster Mum to see if she’s able to pull some strings. But, too bad, she could not. However, she would be able to house him temporarily until arrangements could be made for him, which ough to be very soon. Grateful and relieved, we hung up and plotted his kitnapping, which turned out to be a non-event.

While btmao went home to get a carrier, I lured him to the void deck at our block to facilitate the necessary. He followed willingly, even though all I did was clicked at him, as we did not have any kitty treats on us.

I could handle him easily, and he was putty in my hands.

When btmao came down with the carrier, he got slightly spooked at the sight of the carrier – it was something obviously alien to him.

But then he quickly resume his trust, and with a slight push, he entered the carrier and did not struggle at all. Even when we got him home, all he did was sit in the carrier obediently.

We tried to give him some water. He came out of the carrier readily but instead of drinking, he was curious about the new situation he was in. He was fearless, did not slink though his hindquarters were set a little low. It was again a simple matter to turn him around and nudge back into the carrier.

Tomorrow, we will send him over to Foster Mum’s.

However, finally getting him now still leaves questions: the kitty btmao saw Ivan chase off was a girl and wearing a collar, and she resembles Freddy a lot, who is she?


Cadbury, a cat no adopter is interested in

When pretty kitties get adopted, and with such ease, I can’t help but feel for the less “attractive”, actually to me, simply less popular ones.

Take Cadbury for example. She was put up for adoption at the same time as Can Can. Both are tortoiseshells, and even as kittens, their chances were that much smaller than every other coat-patterned kitties, except for black ones.

Cadbury. Isn’t she a beautiful cat, with a lovely artistic bi-colour coat? With agouti accent to boot.

Can Can, though, had the advantage of being an extremely affectionate baby. Even then, she found a home only 5 months later.

Cadbury, as a painfully shy tortie, had worse than dismal chances. No one’s ever asked about visiting her in all these months that she was put up for adoption. Again, compare that to Imbie, for whom 2 enquiries came in as soon as her adoption blurb got on the CWS adoption board.


Today, while getting the updates on Imbie and Shelly, I asked Foster Mum about Cadbury’s status. She said to take Cadbury’s adoption notice down, as her chances are so slim. So Cadbury will become a Foster Mum cat.

Am I not pretty?

Do torties and black cats have so little redeeming qualities? I beg to differ. The coat pattern scarcely make a difference. There are affectionate torties and blackies, just as there are insufferable pedigrees/mix-breed good-lookers. Given half a chance, shy girls like Cadbury can become nominees for “The Most Devoted Cat on Earth” award… given the chance and patience.

While we believe firmly in chemistry, and that the cat will decide who takes her home, how can a kitty make the decision if there isn’t even ONE person who would give her a chance? There so few of the special people who would give the “uglies”, the torties, the blacks, and even the common tabbies, a fair chance.

Luckily for Cadbury, she will never have to worry about having no one to love her for herself. But she is only one tortie among many.

Imbie and Shelly are adopted.

Great news at Foster Mum’s today. We visited after 1pm and foster Mum immediately broek the good news – Imbie had been adopted that very morning!


Also, she confirms that the mittens duo, Shelly and Socks’ adoption is going well.



So that’s two cats off our Foster Mum’s homeseekers‘ board, and 3 cats out of the cattery.

Area1 cat: Iggy

Meet Iggy, who first appeared in Area 1 in July.

He was elusive at first, and we, or rather btmao, only saw him in the distance. Then as time went by, he became more settled in, and wasn’t so difficult to sight. But I caught my first glimpse of him only on Sep 1. I managed to feed him, like btmao had before. But he was obviously new to the idea of being caregiven as he sometimes seem to be bewildered by the concept of kibbles.

He was very wary though, and wouldn’t allow us near.


After that, from time to time, when he appeared, we would feed him. He started getting comfortable and eventually settled down in the area and was most often found lazing in front of Ian’s home.

Up until October, he was always spotting a few wounds here and there – which we could not help him with as he wouldn’t allow contact. But as they always appear to be clean and healing, we were not too worried.

Healing wound on his chest

Face, and muzzle wound

Closeup of the muzzle wound.

By end of October, btmao was getting somewhere with program close contact for him. She was in fact able to scruff him already. We were ready for operation-rob-Iggy-mojo.

But before we could get it done, Iggy disappeared. By early November, we knew he was gone for good . We do not know where he’s gone, but we have an idea what happened to him.

Ian’s family had previously confessed to moving cats from the area elsewhere when we asked them if they’ve seen this or that cat. Granted, these were not their cats: they claimed that the new cats were aggressive and picking fights with Ian, who is a free-ranging pet. We then told them not to do so, as their action, dumping, was tantamount to abandonment and while they have got rid of their problem, they were getting the cats and people in the areas who got their “presents” into trouble. We told them that any new cat appears, we will try to sterilise and to please tell us about it if they find new ones.

We’re not sure if our message got across, as after that, the cats which appeared, were good looking cats, Izzy and Isam. Izzy of course we moved to foster care eventually and got adopted out. Isam, due to his temperament, we sterilised and just released back. But the family, in the most el-cheapo way possible, started to lure these two handsome guys to their homes, AFTER we got them sterilised, and even though Ian was not happy and fights happened, the family was tolerant of the problems and actively encouraged every cat to get along.

When we moved Izzy into foster care, the family even asked if we’ve seen him around. Now Isam is their free-ranging pet cat too. Before you say we’re biased, previous “intruder” cats that we sterilised were all so-called ordinary cats, and every one of them got dumped, that is, the Iggy treatment.

I had met the family’s father when Iggy was settling in at the front of their house. It was in the carpark where I was preparing to feed Ivan. I asked him about Iggy and if he knew where the boy came from. He said he didn’t know, but seemed proud that he’s got the handsome boy settling in with his brood. He was obviously expecting the usual, that we do the dirty work and he reap the harvest of having another beautiful cat without having to pay for the sterilisation or put in effort.

Frustrated, I had told him that we would appreciate if he could help keep a lookout for Iggy, and if he knows who is his owner or if someone takes him in, to let us know so we can arrange for his sterilisation and to get his family to be responsible and pay for his sterilisation. I also said that it’s getting costly to keep sterilising cats who in the end turn out to be pets belonging to other people, who should be responsible in the first place.

The man’s face changed colour immediately, but he nodded. I don’t know if he really got what I was trying to say because he and his family only ever nod, and then we’d see them continuing whatever it is they’re doing which we felt were detrimental to the cats’ safety. It was shortly after that Iggy went missing.

Beautiful markings on his legs

Given that Iggy was settling well and had taken to lounging in front of their house with Ian, and that they fed him like he was a pet too, I can’t help but put two and two together.

In any case, Iggy is now no longer around and we can only hope that he is doing well wherever he is.