Cadbury, a cat no adopter is interested in

When pretty kitties get adopted, and with such ease, I can’t help but feel for the less “attractive”, actually to me, simply less popular ones.

Take Cadbury for example. She was put up for adoption at the same time as Can Can. Both are tortoiseshells, and even as kittens, their chances were that much smaller than every other coat-patterned kitties, except for black ones.

Cadbury. Isn’t she a beautiful cat, with a lovely artistic bi-colour coat? With agouti accent to boot.

Can Can, though, had the advantage of being an extremely affectionate baby. Even then, she found a home only 5 months later.

Cadbury, as a painfully shy tortie, had worse than dismal chances. No one’s ever asked about visiting her in all these months that she was put up for adoption. Again, compare that to Imbie, for whom 2 enquiries came in as soon as her adoption blurb got on the CWS adoption board.


Today, while getting the updates on Imbie and Shelly, I asked Foster Mum about Cadbury’s status. She said to take Cadbury’s adoption notice down, as her chances are so slim. So Cadbury will become a Foster Mum cat.

Am I not pretty?

Do torties and black cats have so little redeeming qualities? I beg to differ. The coat pattern scarcely make a difference. There are affectionate torties and blackies, just as there are insufferable pedigrees/mix-breed good-lookers. Given half a chance, shy girls like Cadbury can become nominees for “The Most Devoted Cat on Earth” award… given the chance and patience.

While we believe firmly in chemistry, and that the cat will decide who takes her home, how can a kitty make the decision if there isn’t even ONE person who would give her a chance? There so few of the special people who would give the “uglies”, the torties, the blacks, and even the common tabbies, a fair chance.

Luckily for Cadbury, she will never have to worry about having no one to love her for herself. But she is only one tortie among many.

2 responses to “Cadbury, a cat no adopter is interested in

  1. She’s beautiful! I love those big eyes. I can’t believe nobody asked to meet her. But she’s very lucky to become a Foster Mum cat. I have a shy kitty too; I’ve always felt like he loves me more than his brothers do, even though he’s not as outwardly affectionate.

    Congratulations to Imbie and the mitten cats too!

  2. Isabel,
    I know. Even Nonie and Honey face the same problem.

    Your shy kitty is lucky to have you. =) We have a friend who rescued a tortie female kitten who was suffering from severe cat flu when she was a wee little thing. The kitten was brought back to life by her tlc. Now one year on, the kittie is still so painfully shy that even our friend can’t touch her. The kittie is like an elusive guest in her home, but our friend regards the little furry one as her own and refuse to think about forcing her to do anything against her will or to throw her out.

    You, and this friend, are exemplary cat parents!