Freddy, nose kissing purr machine

This morning, before we escort the new conscript for his pre-mojo-rob in-camp program, the HQ personnel could not resist one good look at the boy.

Ragdoll. Completely boneless, and purring at 100%

He’s still as fearless, or probably clueless, about his situation. Still as trusting and affectionate, he tried to climb on everybody’s laps and get his nose kisses, in between of threading between legs and rubbing his furry flanks against everything. In short, he’s shameless.

Ragdoll grows spine, just to try for a kiss

And of course, given how unaffected he is by the environment change and how utterly unself-conscious he is about begging for affectionate, we can deduce that he is, or once was, a pet cat.

Purr machine


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