Book: The Cats’ House

The Cats’ House by Bob Walker
(available for loan from the nlb)

For the true minion with the resources to build or renovate the home for kitty’s pleasure, this is a Bastsend. For the rest of us mortal minions, it still offers a great read, a peek at possibilities to tantalise our wildest dedicational dreams. Photos of kitties cat-walking along the beams, sashaying from room to room along the kitty skylink… true minion heaven.

My only grip is there’s no mention of how kitty potty needs are addressed.

Regardless, this book demonstrates conceptualisations, considerations and tips during work-in-progress. And being a “I’m telling you this cos I’ve done it” book, it is quite the inspiring book. Just remember to wipe the drool from the corner of your mouth, and don’t allow your eyes to stay permanently green.

And yes, don’t let kitty see it, if you don’t want your life complicated by feline castles in the sky.

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