Dawn is leaving CWS

All good things come to an end. Today, Dawn bids farewell to her tenure with CWS.

Rheilly: Huh? Dawn, leave?

We’ve only gotten more actively involved with CWS in the last 2 or so years (read bother Dawn with tnrm stuff). Though we rarely met Dawn in person, she’s always just an email away. Except when she’s away on leave. At times, she is the only person who understood how we felt about the situation in our estate. Sure, there are caregivers, just as there are feeders, intolerant residents as well as sympathetic ones.

The main difference is that we’ve got the potential to make a case for getting the TC’s cooperation. The stumbling block? Caregiver inertia. Short of pointing the gun at caregiver heads, there doesn’t seem to be any way to get the others to band together and troop down to see the TC management and the MPs. We’ve done our part, and the tec areas are “protected”. But we would dearly love to see the protection extend to the rest of the estate. But our hands are tied.

Throughout this period, Dawn has been patient and encouraging with our efforts, as only a ring-sider is able to. She has even listened to our rants and whines.

Just a few weeks earlier, she came to do a workshop for new folks in the estate. There were also a few veterans whom I managed to get to attend, only because there’s been rounding up almost right on their doorsteps. Dawn, in her objective and discreet way, helped to nudge the participants toward the ideas of seeing the MPs and the TCs. That workshop held the most promise of getting things moving… but alas, it fizzled out… yet again.

That time, as before, we feel like giving up and just concentrate on taking care of the clannies. But we also know that the protection they have lasts only as long as the same property manager is in charge of our area. We can’t keep our heads buried in the sand forever. But without getting the stubborn herd to stop their nonsense and to see above sand level, we can’t do a thing more.

Thankfully, there’s Dawn and her blog, through which we experience the ups and downs of running tnrm programs vicariously. We are not alone – that is the important thing to keep in mind. And thanks to Dawn, it is something that we can keep a gripe on.

Thank you, Dawn. Au Voir for now, but remember to come back around sometime!!


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  1. Thanks guys – Snifff 🙂

  2. =) Thanks for dropping by!

    All our best to you, Dawn!