Farewell to the old

While the year-end party crowds does the usual, cramping onto the party spots, getting sweaty and molested, we’re contented to laze around the home and do nothing along with the kitties.


The sun burns up and fades away every single day. Why should the 365th fading be any more exalted then the 1st or the 158th? Why do we celebrate only the year, and not the day? Why isn’t every sunrise celebrated with the same zeal that goes into the year-end countdown? Maybe it’s because we can’t face the everyday… well at least most of us can’t. That’s how the Monday Blues got born.

I rather suspect too, that problems and faults are easier to hide in a pile. But then, more of the good and happy gets lost in the clutter too, don’t they?

It’s the bottle of Hooch I was nursing speaking – yes, I am a disgrace with the bottle. But this is a kitty blog, and what’s a year in review without mentioning the stars themselves?

There’s so much to say, in this tec year. But I don’t know where to start.

On the homefront, we lost Kheilly early in the year, and the loss still aches. Bam Bam’s ARF is under control, but we found that Teddy has kidney stones. Both old coots are being monitored, and neither likes having to give up some urine from to time, nor the constant medication.

As for the clannies, Sasha, Macy, Martin, Salvi, Kenji have gone missing. Benji, whom we thought lost along with his brother, Kenji has been sighted at Sally’s. We’ve also gotten new clannies: Carlie, Scottie, Sumie, Sunny, Saba, Stanley, Freddy. Iggy appeared only for a few months before he disappeared too, likely dumped elsewhere. Saba’s babies, Sabia and her new soon-to-be litter, makes up the newbies list. Freddy should be mojo-free by weekend, and Stanley… he remains too elusive for us to be to able to get him. As for Saba, Sabia and the new kittens, we hope their family will do the right thing. Thankfully, Scottie, Sunny, and Sumie are done, and Carlie came pre-robbed. On the human side, tnrm is still not officially recognised by the authorities in our estate. We can only hope that things remain peaceful for the clannies.

Rehoming… that’s a long, convoluted report. Right on 1 Jan 2007, we got Neo, barely days after we got Chrissy. Along the way, we picked up Lizzy and April, and recently, Gunnar and Mattie. They joined Corrie, Frankie, and Angel at the cattery. We also had to rehome Dharma and Sanga, and we moved Cassie into foster care too.  Snowball was also returned, but luckily for him, he was quickly bundled into a new home with a most patient new Mum. Cassie too has found a home where she will be spending her new year, as are Lizzy, Gunnar and Mattie.

Joe, whom we had hoped to rehome, faded away suddenly, just as he was beginning to get used to cattery life. Thankfully for him, the process was a fast one, and he did not have to suffer much.

Among the stalwarts, Chrissy’s liver problem was contained with Foster Mum’s tlc. But her mojo was not deemed suitable for removal until recently, when it was taken along with April’s. Angel, as ever, had gum problems, but she’s got her own sponsors so her expenses have always been covered.

Frankie too, suddenly got sick with kidney problems in April/May. But Corrie was blooming in the early part of the year before her sudden decline in the 3rd quarter. Along with April, all these cattery long-stayers played tag and went to see the vet one after another, sometimes in pairs, and repeatedly.

Us minions have had an objective in mind since we began our servitude – that we will depend on ourselves to finance the kitties’ needs. But with the prodigious number of vet bills piling up this year, with no end in sight, we had to say “Uncle” and ask for help.  Thankfully, there are folks out there who trust in our integrity. Their helping hands have made a big difference with our ability to cope with the kitty vet visits.

Dear friends, you know who you are. It’s such an inadequate thing to say thanks, or as the Chinese say: 大恩不言謝. You  probably think nothing of extending your helping hand, but to the kitties, it meant a lot. We know you are not expecting returns. But still, on behalf of the kitties, say it again we must: Thank you very much.

It’s been a most eventful kitty year, and us minions are amazed to arrive at the end with our sanity still relatively intact. So we heave a sigh of relief as we close the book on 2007 and take a bit of a breather.

May 2008 be a happy, healthy, and fulfilling year for one and all.

2 responses to “Farewell to the old

  1. Thanks for all that you do for the cats. I’d hate to think how the clannies, home seekers and your own home slackers would manage without you and btmao.

    Happy New Year! Hope 2008 brings all the kitties good health, both of the minions much happiness, and every home seeker a nice new family!

  2. Isabel,
    Thank you!

    We’re not doing all that much really, though I guess quanitfying it, there seems to be a lot more happeneing than we felt took place. We couldn’t have done it all without help, especially for the home seekers and the long-term cattery stayers, if not for Foster Mum and her helpers.

    I wish the same for you, your home slackers, and the Washington Humane Society and its home seekers! =)