BBC 20080104: Japan firm offers ‘pet allowance’

Filched from Dawn’s blog. It’ll make my life complete if pet-friendly benefits were a reality here – I remember tears streaming down my face the whole day in the office on the Monday following Kheilly’s mishap. It was all I could do to not bawl. I did the same two years before, when Milly died.

Last Updated: Friday, 4 January 2008, 15:49 GMT

Japan firm offers ‘pet allowance’

Pet salon vehicle on display at 40th Tokyo Motor Show - 25/10/2007

Pet ownership is increasingly popular in Japan

A Japanese company is offering its employees a monthly “pet allowance” to help with the upkeep of their cats and dogs.

Kyoritsu Seiyaku, which makes animal medicines, said pets were a lifelong obligation for their owners.

Kyoritsu Seiyaku is offering its pet-owning employees about $9 (£4.70) per month, and hopes the system will spread to other Japanese firms.

The company does not, however, offer paid leave when employees’ pets die.

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