Snowball going tail-less

Tomorrow, Snowball/Kolar will lose his tail.


Since the last update, nothing much has changed. ML continued to send emails, telling us about the things she’s trying, researching or doing to help her brood integrate. Needless to say, we’re very heartened to see how she continues valiantly.

Today, we got another update. But this time, it’s different – ML sounded very sad and grave, unlike the upbeat and hopeful tone she usually speaks with. His tail is troubling him again, and this time, it’s so bad, tests are being done. The vet suspected cancer and recommended amputating it immediately, as it seemed quite aggressive and looks set to reach the anus soon. The tests outcome would not be known for another 3 days, but ML is worried that it may be too late for him. At the same time, she is worried that if his tail is amputated now, and it turns out to be non-cancerous, she may have caused him to suffer unnecessarily. Also, she is worried over the impact on his self-esteem and temperament should he lose his tail. We told her about some of the handicapped cats at Foster Mum’s, who are none the worse for wear, and also comforted her that he could do with a bit less self-esteem, and also that he is beautiful regardless of his tail.

I told her that on the bright side, it may help bring his aggressiveness down a peg or two and help with peace in the home. Also, when we first got him back, btmao and I had actually discussed the possibility that we may have to arrange for the same procedure at some point in time if his tail bothers him so much. Also, the vet has said that if it is cancer, it might not just be his tail. We shared Joe’s story to show that Kolar’s problem is at least operable, and Milly’s story to allay her worries about making decisions, and to let her know we understand how she feels and that she has our empathy.

ML also requested for us to call his ex-adopter, to find out if they’ve noticed or know anything that could confirm if his problem is cancer. Also, and here she sounded angry – though on his behalf, she wanted to know if he was returned because the ex-adopter knew about this problem. Too bad, the line has been disconnected. The ex-adopter was all teary when she returned him, and she even promised to visit him… to date, she has not even bothered to ask about him, whether through email or sms.

Kolar is definitely better off with his new family now. Please spare a kind thought for Snowball/Kolar and his folks.

6 responses to “Snowball going tail-less

  1. Fortunately a cat’s self-esteem is not dependent on the reflection on the mirror. From living with three cats of whom two have long tails and one whose tail was “amputated” either by direct chop or auto-drop after being rubber-banded,I can say that the length of the tails has nothing to do with their “happiness”.
    I think 3-day is not too long to wait for a definite histological diagnosis unless the condition, even if benign, warrants amputation.
    Hoping the best outcome for Snowball but he is indeed fortunate to have “fallen into the right home”. This condition would have been further neglected if he had not been returned.

  2. I agree with vegancatsg about Snowball’s condition. 3 days is not too long.

    I’m also happy that ML has not given up on him.

    Sending healing vibes to Snowball. Hope his ordeal will be over soon.

  3. Poor Kolar… Sending him good wishes for a speedy recovery. He’s been lucky in finding a happy home. Hopefully he’ll have the same good fortune in putting his tail troubles behind him!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, everybody. I will send this url to ML. =)

  5. I am glad he is in good hands now. Get well, Snowball!

  6. Thanks, Veganmeow! Will update with news from ML later.