Another update on Snowball/Kolar

This update follows this one from yesterday. We can’t help but smile at the caer ML and her family are taking for his well-being.

… He was very angry yesterday night, especially, when he can’t eat & drink from the bowls…. He woke me up at 4am & meowing for food – he couldn’t wait just wanted to dashed out of the door (don’t want him to meet the girls at this stage) – it took me about 5mins to settle him down & get him food hahaha.  My mum is at my place looking after him while we are out.  He is at the balcony now (his favourite place – nature wind (cooling) & a bit of sunlight. We decided to make him happy to leave him there instead of the study room. So last minute, we made a higher wooden panel to seperate him from the living where the rest are roaming around.  We want to make sure no one distrub him 🙂  I will bring him for review next Fri instead of Sat (can’t bear to see him so unhappy for another day).


2 responses to “Another update on Snowball/Kolar

  1. Pls tell Kolar that he is extremely lucky to have a family that loves him so much! 🙂

    Usually I hear of older folks staying over to look after grandchildren but …but . to take care of a cat who’s unwell … this is the first time. Kudos to ML and her mum! :p

  2. He is indeed a very lucky kitty. We hope he’d wise up and stop being the monster to his kitty and poochie sibs who joined the family before him.