Charity Bake Sale for the Festive Season!

From the PawPledge folks:

pic1.jpg Go here for details! (I tried and liked the Cashew Nut Biscuits, Vegetarian Kueh Bangkit very much!)

3 responses to “Charity Bake Sale for the Festive Season!

  1. I too highly recommend the cashew nut cookies! Kueh kapit (love letters) were very nice too!

    Phyllis told me “these days no longer send love letters already lah, dear” when I told her I wanted to order love letters. So funny lah she…

  2. I’m drooling like your great white Teddy! Wishing I lived in Singapore…

  3. Eveline,
    LOL. Perhaps it’s because she doesn’t do delivery this time?

    I wish we could email some over! But no worries, you can taste them vicariously. We’ll savour each bite on your behalf. 🙂