Safety: Leash, harness

Here’s the deal: if, for some reason, you MUST bring kitty outdoors, leash or harness him and make sure the lead is in your control at all times.

This is because cats aren’t dogs, who can (mostly) heel even when spooked or excited.

But cats don’t brandish their obedience training certificates, and for good reason.

Last night, as btmao watched over Carlie and Ivan, I went looking for Cara. I had just stepped out of the carpark when a lorry sped past and stopped at the void-deck nearby, whereupon the driver proceeded to lecture his wayward son loitering there. Loudly. I couldn’t see the recalcitrant as the lorry blocked my way.

I was about to return to my dinner call for Cara when suddenly, a bushy tailed cat shot out from the same direction as where the boy was. Straight at the side of the Ivan’s carpark it ran, scooting up the stairs to the generator room and then dropping into the bushes below before streaking into the carpark. I was relieved that the cat streaked away safely. That opening was actually the carpark exit and there are bends around which visibility is poor in that area (the fact that drivers tend to speed is really no help).

In pursuit was a man. I followed in the same direction, as Ivan was there and I was worried over the possibility of a fight. Ivan had disappeared from his feeding spot. Further away, I saw the man asking btmao, who was standing outside of the building so she could keep an eye on the two diners, if she’d seen a cat. But of course she’s seen a cat! She was feeding two.

But she did see the pet cat streak out and then back in.

But we couldn’t locate his pet. A while later, I was again following the man as we both exited the carpark, he was on the phone (to rally a search party, I hoped), while I resumed my Cara search. I also noticed a woman with a carrier standing nearby.

Ivan’s dinner got disrupted, a poor pet cat was seriously spooked, and perhaps lost, aside from the fact that some people ought to be spending time scouring the carpark. And all because safety precautions, and simple ones at that, were not taken before the thoughtless man and his female companion took the poor pet cat out from its carrier, in the open.


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