Kolar’s first review is good

Phew! He’s really on the mend. Now for the test results. This update was received earlier today:

Kolar went for his 1st review yesterday. Dr XX is happy with his recovery & will go for his 2nd review when the results are available some time in 2 to 3 weeks. On the safe side, Dr XX wants us to check his tail for any lumps daily & bring Kolar to him if we feel or see anything unusal. His collar has been removed & he is eating well since yesterday.

He’s still a bully though…

He still wants to chase the girls when he sees them in the living room which he considers his terriorty. The felines are still seperated & see each other when under supervision. Actually, he is such a smart boy, he learns how to push/pull the wooden divider & open the cage doors to escape to the living room & stand infornt of our room door. All these happened when we were sleeping in our room. Luckily, they didn’t fight. The girls were hiding when I looked for them after I opened the room door in the morning. Now, we will put him in the study room at night. He will have not chance of escaping man. I was thinking the balcony is his favourable place, so we modified the divider to let him stay there at night, unfortunately, he is too smart liao.

ML ended her update with this:
I will update you again after the 2nd review. I keep my fingers crossed for negative results.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed too!


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