TODAY 20080121: Valentine heartbreak

A follow-up to Carmen’s feature.

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Valentine heartbreak

Doesn’t this rabbit deserve our love and care, too?

Monday • January 21, 2008

Letter from BETTY TAN


IT’S always refreshing to read Tabitha Wang’s Friday column and last week’s “When Carmen lost her hair” (Jan 18) was both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

As an animal lover, it’s always sad to read about such abuse cases. I’m glad Carmen’s story was highlighted in the newspaper.

The media is a powerful tool for bringing across messages to the public. I believe many who read Tabitha’s column will be more aware that despite being one of the best countries in the world in many respects, Singapore is still far from being a society concerned with animal welfare.

As a volunteer with the House Rabbit Society of Singapore, I’ve seen my share of rabbit abuse cases as well.

Carmen’s story struck a chord as we’ve recently taken in Valentine (picture), whose story is similar to Carmen’s.


We suspect Valentine must have been bought at a pet store when he was a young, cute and cuddly rabbit. As he grew older, his owner must have started to lose interest and neglected him. Then one day, the owner decided that it was time to get rid of Valentine.

So, there he was, abandoned with another rabbit in a box and left inside the lift of an HDB block. Valentine was injured when he was found and the infection on his foot is so bad that we’re considering amputation.

Some might think: “They’re just animals, why should we care when we should be caring towards humans?”

This way of thinking is especially painful for animal lovers, who seem to be in the minority in Singapore.

I hope your article helps highlight how serious the problem of pet abuse and abandonment in Singapore is, and that to prevent this from happening again, everyone has a part to play.

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  1. aww..this is truly horrible-im veg-and i hate and i hate any sort of animal abuse 😦