Cat Dumper on the prowl

A friend who lives nearby sent me this email.

She witnessed the same dumper twice. The first time, this dumper had two kittens who he “left near the ground floor unit of one of the neighbours who has her colony of cats“. This is as good a reason why pet cats should be kept indoors – to prevent being tagged for uninvited trouble. Either the dumper is an irresponsible pet owner or the poor kitties were being granted the Iggy treatment. Given the fact that kittens were involved, and the offence was repeated within days, I’m leaning toward irresponsible ownership.

On my routine like my morning and evening walk/jog session with Kobi. I spotted two things of grave concern!
1. I spotted a man dumping cats in my vicinity!! I will be damned lor!! I saw him (or his back)twice during the two nights I decided to take a late evening walk with Kobi. He’s always on his bicycle which has a cardboard box attached at the back. The first time I saw him he was hiding behind a wall at the void deck of the block. I got curious and watched him from a distance and saw what he was looking at. There were two kittens lingering around sort of like someone who’s lost / misplaced and trying to find direction. These two were left near the ground floor unit of one of the neighbours who has her colony of cats. He ran off when Kobi barked. I saw him again two nights later and this time I saw him lifting a bigger size cat out of his box with the intention of leaving the poor kid behind the carpark near my block!
I did the most stupid thing – I shouted at him and asked what’s he up to. He ran of course but not without letting me see part of his face. He’s dark in complexion, could be a malay or tanned chinese, late 30s, 1.68m, medium bulit. The cat took off too and I haven’t been able to see/find it since. Watch out for him in your area…not sure where else has he been dumping cats!!
The other two kittens are ok, now with this aunty. I offered $ to help sterlise both and she said she will claim from me when the job is done.
2. There’s a couple of new cats in my immediate hdb area, not sure they were all dumped or straying individuals. All also got no clipped ear!!

2 responses to “Cat Dumper on the prowl

  1. Sigh my area also… first I took home one kitten last week that looked lost, hungry.. then later discovered 2 nights ago 3 cats, unsterlized and looked like they are new arrivals. Pitiful and crying. When I fed them, one of them kept following me as if afraid I would abandon him… sigh I kind of had to do as I couldnt bring him home (already have 2 plus one kitten at home) Then tonight when I am feeding them… saw a head pop out of the drain….. OMG….. Im like how MANY exactly are there!!! Now I have to arrange to sterlize them….

  2. Adriane,
    U have our empathies. Since I forwarded it to the people in the local tnrm group, a few have responded with similar encounters. We are all victims, but the cats more so. If only the abandonment crime is actually enforceable!