Kolar is cancer free

Great news received on Wednesday about Kolar’s post-op follow-up:

Good News!  Those lumps are just caused by inflammation.  We were told by Dr XX to check his “tail” daily & bring Kolar back to him immediately, if we feel lump as big lumps can be pre-cancerous.
He is back to his normal self now & chasing the girls again.  I have accepted the fact that Kolar really can’t get along with the girls & decided to seperate them till maybe many months/years later if he is Ok with them.  Yuan is pretty affected by his behaviour & she even urinated after Kolar chased him a few days ago. In-fact, I am very concern that Yuan may be very unhappy & scare.  There is still risk for keeping Kolar in the balcony, therefore, he spends night & time when we are out in our study room.  He was not used to staying in the room all night & howled (that’s why I used to put him back to the balcony & I blame myself for causing what Yuan suffers).  He seems to response well to classicial & soothing music, hence, I play it all night & while we are out.  He seems to have stop howling now or perhaps I am too tired & slept soundly. At the same time, I will install another gate between my balcony & living room this week, so Kolar can still stay at the balcony when we are at home. He looks happy in the study room now as many times, he doesn’t even want to get out of it in the morning!


One response to “Kolar is cancer free

  1. Yay! I’m glad he’s ok – and with a family that cares so much for him. Wondering if classical music will stop my cats from misbehaving 🙂