SOS: Carmen lost her way

(EDIT 2 Feb: Carmen’s found and safe now)

Remember Carmen? She was adopted but unfortunately got lost on 30 Jan. Please do help to keep a lookout for her. (More on her here)

An Appeal from ASD

Carmen, who was adopted last Saturday, slipped her collar on 30th January after being startled by a loud noise

She was last seen running along Cecil Street. Her point of origin was at Club Street

Those who are working around that area, please help to keep a look-out for Carmen and contact Yvonne 98801137 immediately.

Carmen is microchipped – Number 702055550002277

Please help to find her when you are on the way to work, during lunch or after work. She is lost again & really need our help

After going from this

to this

it would be a great pity and a great unjustice for Carmen if she continues to be separated from her new family.


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