Carmen has been found!

Great news! Carmen‘s safe again.

(got this off an incoming link)

From ASD:

Carmen has just been found ! Many thanks to a sharp eyed lady who saw the poster and noticed her at a construction site at One Raffles Quay on her way to work. The security guard there had been kind enough to hold onto her for the past 2 days at his post but she did not want to eat during all this time She must have been very depressed cos she is usually very greedy.
She is now back at the ARC under observation and we will fatten her up again

Our utmost thanks to all of you who helped us with information, prayers and lots of legwork. We know some of you spent your lunch hours looking for her the past few days and there were some who were looking for her yesterday past midnight and today as well, covering areas up to Fort Canning, all with the focused hope of finding her alive and well. After all the suffering she’s been through, we are sure no one had the intention of letting her suffer again.

So, thank you very much again everyone, we are very happy and proud to have such a cohesive and caring community of dog lovers, and we are sure everyone will sleep easy tonight!!


2 responses to “Carmen has been found!

  1. Hey that is great news. Yay Carmen and yay community. 🙂

  2. I’m so happy to know that! thank GOD……..hope she is well and recovered from her trauma……;>