Freda secured for her de-mojo appointment

We went out tonight to get the young but pregnant female spotted yesterday. We’ve decided to call her Freda, due to her resemblance, both physical and temperament-wise, to Freddy. She will be sterilised on Tuesday, and then will recuperate at Foster Mum’s til the weekend.

Unwary of the carrier

Happy to have company

Her teats looked a bit engorged, but her tummy wasn’t as big as it should be for a heavily pregnant cat.

As affectionate, trusting and clean as she is, which indicates high probability of her being a free-ranging pet cat, her hunger (borne out by her skinniness, and the fact that her spine could be felt when running the hand over her back) is testament to the shameful state of neglect or perhaps nonchlacne her owners bestow on her.

We will never understand how anyone who professes to love a cat, can keep one in such a state of non-fatal neglect.


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