Corrie has gone on


Corrie has completely faded away. She passed on sometime before 12 noon today. I have also notified friends who know her, and am heartened to learn that there were some visitors who always greeted her and gave her some affection when they visit the cattery.

We will miss her.

8 responses to “Corrie has gone on

  1. sorry for your loss. am sad to hear of Corrie’s passing. will pray that she gets a good rebirth.

  2. bye bye corrie. take care all you who cared for her.

  3. Thank you. I guess, ultimately, she did have a good life at the cattery. How many cats can live out their lives in comfort and among people who care for them? We’ll try to remember and smile for her good fortune.

  4. Hey Calsifer, you take care and rejoice that Corrie has indeed been love. Corrie has always given me the impression that she is like a lion, proud and majestic, beautiful and confident, and the way she edged herself over the pail to satisfy her thirst would always bring a smile to my face. i have no doubt she knows she is special and that she is love.

  5. Mary,
    Thanks. Yes, we have no doubt she was loved… even though Foster Mum and all at the cattery do get angry at the mess Corrie makes, but no one loves her any less.

  6. she certainly looks like a sweet cat..
    she must up there somwhere in kitty heaven.. 🙂

  7. Calsifer, I’m so sorry for your loss! The Aged sends you sympathetic headbumps and purrs to you and the clan.

  8. Ophelia,
    We believe that’swhere she is, with the other kitties who have gone on before her.

    headbumps and purrs back at the Aged too. Thank you for dropping by.