Demise of the portrait catcher

After weeks of fits and sputters, our first digicam and capturer of kitty moments, the Canon Powershot S2, has decided to quit on us for good. It is comatose and unrevivable. So that leaves us in the camera-less lurch … (EDIT: seems like this is a known but unacknowledged problem… we’re going to try the fixes suggested here)

Rheilly: Phew, that thing’s out of my face for once

After shooting something like 15,000 pictures, the sheer number of cats it comes into contact with must have overwhelmed it. But it’s barely 1.5 years old, which bugs us a lot. I keep wondering: was the workload really really that heavy?

We don’t have the budget to get another right now… but the kitties waiting for adoption cannot wait around for photo-shoots to resume, especially the two new ones we’ve yet to introduce on the blog. Thankfully, we still have on-hand a ton of shots of the rest of the crew to review, process and upload. This long weekend will be a boon to getting the blog up-to-date on happenings with them.

So we’ll try to borrow one in the meantime. Anyone knows anyone with a good camera to spare?


4 responses to “Demise of the portrait catcher

  1. I feel your pain, Calsifer. Jpegs in the first umpteen posts in The Aged Cat’s blog were taken using the camera in my cell phone. ack!

    But I have a new toy — a Canon G9. And so far so good. Just not enough time to use it.

    Any chance your camera can be rehabbed?

  2. PS: Come see The Aged’s (not so) New Toys

  3. budak,
    Thanks… What I need is a camera that’s more responsive with the focusing and will take better quality indoor pics than the S2 is able to give… seems like only a SLR will fit our bill.

    Ooooh! A G9! We were considering that, but it’s quite an expensive gig for a non-DSLR. I’m a bit leery of another canon point-and shoot because of that darned E18 errror. But they do seem to be one of the better choices for point-and-shoot. I like the new pics on the Aged’s blog. Can we see a face shot fo his handsome face soon? 🙂

    Sadly, our cam is still flatlined… I may send it in for a repairs evaluation and weigh the viability of getting it patched up, if it turns out to be patchable. BAH!