Angel spent CNY at the vet

Poor Angel. For the past weeks, her health and spirits, which has picked up very much since December, has been on the decline again.

Two weeks ago, she was sent to the vet for her recurring problem with pain in her gums, ie stomatitis. However, the usual steroid jab wasn’t enough this time. So an appointment was made, and she was sent to the vet’s again on 5 Feb, ie Tuesday, for follow-up action. She was anesthetized and her gums cleaned. She was expected to be discharged the next day, ie Chinese New Year’s eve, 6 Feb. However, her discharge was held back as the vet determined that she was mildly dehydrated (likely an effect of the stomatitis which has impeded her ability to eat or drink) and needed to be observed and on IV-drip for a while longer. So she spent CNY in the clinic, and was only discharged today, the second day of CNY.


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