Stanley got away again

Last night, as usual, we went to serve dinner to Ivan and Carlie, and to see if we can spot Cara, who has not been seen for the past 6 to 8 weeks.



I had to clean up at home, and so btmao set off first. After serving Ivan on the ground floor, she went up to the second level to get Carlie.

I had just reached the carpark at the same time, when she called me. Stanley was with Carlie, and seemed to trust her intentions – allowing her to get very near.

After the last botched attempt to get him, this was the closest we’ve got to him. Quickly, she called Foster Mum to check if a sterilisation slot was available. Once that was confirmed, I ran home for the carrier.

When I returned, Stanley already had a near scuffle with Ivan on the ground floor, and btmao had lured him further away and was enticing him with food.

However, he started trotted away as soon as he saw the carrier. We followed him for a while but he was obviously having nothing to do with us anymore. So once again, he escaped intact.


We returned to the carpark to serve Carlie dinner, and to sprinkle mothballs around the very open and accessible area on the second floor where cat poo has been on display for the past days. (We removed it each time, but there’s always a fresh pile greeting us.)

We had been puzzled by the reappearance of the poo piles since Carlie has been in the clear. Also, she is too timid to be marking territory or challenging Ivan’s alpha status so brazenly. Plus if it was her, why was it on the second floor and not on Ivan’s home tuft on the ground floor? We then thought it might be Ivan intimidating Carlie. But then, the oaf always had a soft spot for girls and he has never shown signs of aggression or hostility towards her.

With Stanley’s appearance on the second floor, we feel the light has turned on at last. That is, the poo piles are more likely to be macho posturing between these two.

After feeding Carlie, we went to serve Cara dinner. We were relieved to see her well, as she’s not been sighted for the past weeks.


Juding from the place she appeared at, btmao feels that it may just be a scheduling problem that our sightings of her has been sporadic and few. We’re going to make another adjustment in the Area1 kitchen service schedule, and hopefully include Cara. We also hope to be able to befriend Stanley enough to finally rid him of his mojo.


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