Stanley… again

After the Sunday evening drama, last night was an almost rehash of the face/off in Area1.


Ivan, who was being lovey-dovey with btmao’s slippers, suddenly turned macho and bristled while she was laying out his dinner. We turned around to see Stanley about 5 metres away.


While I watched over Ivan, she quickly lured Stanley away. She came back very soon, saying that he was amendable to scritches once he ate, but that he scooted off quickly too. I think the trick to conning Stanley is to be his friend first. We just hope the process wouldn’t take too long.

While Ivan returned to the concerns at hand and polished off his food, Carlie missed half her dinner as she was spooked by traffic in her dinner stairwell. No sign of Cara, so we’ve still got schedule adjustments to make with her.


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