April wanted


April’s adoption notice would have read:

Long-haired female adult cat, 5-8 years old, seeking home. Has curly fur that matts and requires attentive grooming. Does not like other cats and does not like to be groomed. Also has the tendency to fall sick and may require regular medical attention. Serious adopters willing and able to provide quality care only please.

But we’ve yet to put it up as April has been taking her time to be ready. She is primed now, and we were in the process of getting together a portfolio of her pictures and vids to go with her adoption blurb.

But while visiting Cassie, I got a call from Foster Mum. She handed her phone to a young lady, Y, who was interested in adopting April.

So verbally I summarised for Y what we know of April, and how she’s been. The most important thing was that April is not a young, she doesn’t like other cats, her behaviour and history at the cattery tells us that she may be prone to falling sick, or simply that she’s stressed, and once in a home April_20080112_01xenvironment may not have the problems that’s been plaguing her. But then, these are just probable, we really don’t know whether she’ll do better in a home environment. It may well be that April will continue to need medical attention from time to time – which means more financial commitment.

I then asked Y to take her time and give a good think to it, and if she’s still interested in April to call us after she makes her decision.

Later, as we were making our way to our next destination, Y called and said she has decided on April. She also said Foster Mum has given her some food and litter brands to get in preparation, and asked if they are ok for me. So we spoke in detail and I gave her some info in picking out a scratchpost as well.


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