Visit: Cassie/Mango

We paid a visit to Cassie, aka Mango, the first since her adoption since last November. She’s settled really well, and AC was all praises for her adaptability and her easy-going nature. It was good to see her Cassie again, and we were heartened that she seemed to recognise us, especially btmao (though AC did say she’s friendly with every visitor).




AC mentioned that Cassie has never sat in his lap or even attempt to, which baffled us all a bit since she was such an avid lapper before. Perhaps it was something between her and btmao, but we rather thought it may be that she need a bit of time before she would try it. It did take her a few months before she first tried to sit in btmao’s lap.

After we bid her and AC goodbye, we went to pay a visit to Dharma (Melo) and Sanga (Sufi) .


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