Looking for caregivers in these areas

Are you feeding responsibly or otherwise working TNRM in these areas? If so, we want you!


  • Chinatown
  • Ikea Alexandra
  • Bedok North (near Chai Chee hill)
  • Bt Batok
  • Toa Payoh
  • Woodlands or Sembawang GRC/Yishun

We’re posting on behalf of some kind-hearted people who would like to do TNRM work within their respective communities, so if you’re a caregiver or know of responsible caregivers in these areas, kindly contact us at sephycat at gmail dot com. Thanks!


6 responses to “Looking for caregivers in these areas

  1. was browsing thru and wondering is there any kind soul who feeds the cats around tampines street 33 especially around block 340s especially the mcp.i’m looking as i feed the 2 black cats in the carparks 1 non spay wif flea infestation,flu and runny nose wheezin breath and 1 spay male who is now healthy.

  2. Hi calsifer,

    i went to the webbie stated but cant find much info…well the 2 cats now have collars on them..look cute on them…i hardly see them roam around the mcp nowdays unless i called them out.The healthy one doesnt seem to recongnise me maybe due to another feeder.By the way i do have a cat but he’s more of my gf cat than mine.hes a stray which we pick up under my block

  3. Hi Nizan,
    There’s a caregivers sub forum there where people post invites to get in touch with fellow-caregivers in the same area. You may have to nose around a bit more thoroughly to find it. Else write to catwelfare society and see fi they know anyone in your vicinty. Good luck.

  4. hi Nizan,
    i live on that block and I feed the cats you mentioned. well, the one with the snotty nose we call Resident. The other one black one has been adopted. There is a girl who puts out food twice a day in the car park. I help feed the cats in our block and across the street by the mart. i have pretty much stopped feeding the cats on the blk 340 side because there are a lot of people who take care of ghe cats on that side. I have started feeding the cats across the street because it seems no one feeds those cats because they all woof down any food i put out for them.

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