Becky is joining the club

On the way home last night, who should I see but the escaped one. She was just sitting in the middle of the path, oblivious to the occasional human traffic.

Quickly, I called btmao, fruitlessly, several times. I was torn between running home to get the carrier and shadowing Becky. I decided to waste minutes of my life was the lesser evil then risking the chance that she would escape again.

So I stood nearby attempting call after call to btmao, while watching Becky alternate between calling and grooming herself.

Suddenly, Becky upped and crossed the road. She didn’t respond to my calls, and was quite the veteran, knowing to stop and wait for oncoming traffic to pass before trotting across.

(One thing we noted about her is that she’s not very responsive to the tongue-clicking that community cats so easily associate with food and affection. But she is affectionate and trusting once you manage to get her attention, usually by petting her.)

Once on the other side, I managed to stop her from going under the fence into the school that defined the buffer zone between Areas 1 and 2. Her attention diverted, she brushed against my legs, purring and calling. Then she proceeded to groom again.

It was a long long wait for btmao to appear. She came up behind a family of 5 – father, mother, 8-10 year, and 2 toddlers. All the kids are girls.

Becky remained oblivious to them as with the human traffic that has crossed her path before. But suddenly, just as the oldest girl passed her, she stopped and seemed to be thinking. Then she sprang up and trotted after the girl.

Quickly, btmao and I intercepted and she went into the carrier without resistance. Quickly we headed home while Becky protested politely.

Once back in the slackerbase, we put her into the room. She cried, and only quietened down when she heard Philly talking outside the door. Whenever we went in the room, she would start calling, but stop when we left. I guess she wanted attention. I couldn’t get pictures or vids as the loan camera batteries ran out

The night passed peacefully, although the slackers camped outside the door, as they always do when we have a guest in the room.

Early this morning, we sent Becky off to her clannie initiation, but not before I took a vid and some pictures with the recharged camera. She should be back tomorrow evening.

Vid: Quiet and trusting, despite being in the carrier all night in what must be a strange and intimidating place





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