Cat Training – How Cats Learn

In the course of looking up some reference, I came across this article. It talks about something very central to cats, and which is vital for cat slaves parents to remember when trying to get kitty’s cooperation.

Before we start training our cats to do something or to stop doing something, we need to look at how cats learn. They don’t understand English, they can’t read books or attend lectures. They learn by experience. If the experience is good, they will try to repeat it. If the experience is unpleasant, they will try to avoid it in the future. They enjoy raking the furniture with their claws, so they continue to do it. But it’s quite a shock when they stick their nose in a candle flame, so they won’t do that again.

The key to training is to make sure that whatever you want your cat to do is exceedingly rewarding and pleasurable. Whatever you don’t want your cat to indulge in must never be rewarding or fun, in fact, it must be unpleasant.

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When in doubt, repeat this mantra:

Training is easy with a cat. They can have you trained in a couple of days. – Graham Cooper


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  1. Hi Calsifer, Thanks so much for the sympathy comment and the nice remarks about The Aged.

    Hope your cats are doing well.

  2. Hi Terry,
    Hope you are getting on with the coming to terms. =) Bast knows asking if you’re feeling better is such an inadequate way to convey our regards. So we can only say again that we understand how you feel.

    Snuffles and purrs from the slackers who thank you for asking after them.

  3. It comes and goes, but gradually upward. Yesterday was easier. Then for no reason that I can pinpoint, this morning was harder. Maybe because it’s Sunday morning. Always a particularly homey time with the cats.

    Anyway, thanks for the snuffles and the purrs and regards. All the bloggers have been so sweet and it has been a great comfort.

  4. Take your time. 2 decades is such a lot of memory to “get over”. I guess the best to hope for is that it gets more manageable. I know I still miss Milly even though all we had with her were 1.5 yrs and it’s been more than 2 years since she left. Kheilly left 1 year ago, after only 11 months with us – but I still miss him dearly. I can imagine how much tougher it is for you.