Becky’s back today

Becky’s gone through her de-mojoing yesterday quite well. btmao was home to receive her from the pet transport lady in the afternoon and said she looked bright and alert.

The transport lady also told btmao that the clinic folks all loved Becky as she was so affectionate.


Here’s the thing – Becky’s a superb candidate for rehoming, based on personality alone. It would be best ideal to rehome her as she is not in a very good situation – always crossing roads and sleeping within the compound of the school that makes up the buffer zone between Areas 1 and 2. However, we know Foster Mum’s full up and has announced that she will not take in any new kitties until further notice. We respect that there are times when Foster Mum can’t take in any more, that in these situations, we can’t do as we please for the kitties, that the best course of action is simply to sterilise the kitty and monitor the situation.

For the next few days, we will look for Becky and check her surgical wound, if possible.


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