Idris is friendly-personified tonight


While out looking for Becky whom we’ve not sighted since her return from sterilisation, we met Idris who was milling around with Ian. They showered love on btmao’s legs and then mine.

Tonight, Idris seemed completely different from the last time we saw him. Judging from how friendly Ian is with him, we believe Idris may be the latest addition to Ian’s part-time family. Lucky him… at least he did not get that family’s Iggy treatment. Isam‘s nearby and definitely hissy with Idris, but then Isam’s hissy with every other cat, even the semi-pet alpha, Ian.


2 responses to “Idris is friendly-personified tonight

  1. He has the sweetest face. I hope Becky shows up. Maybe when she’s really hungry?

    You’re killing me, here, with all the homeseekers. They all look so sweet!

  2. He does have a lovely face, and a personality to match. I’m not too worried about Becky though I would dearly love to check her surgical site myself. If she’s a free-ranging pet cat, then perhaps her going MIA for 2 nights and turning up at the doorstep with a tipped ear and a shorn underbelly gave her folks some pause for thought. Maybe they’ll now do the responsible thing and keep her indoors.

    Take a trip, maybe some time away from home will help? Come and visit with the homeseekers. 😉