Olympics clean-up Chinese style: Beijing 2008 propagate death camp for cats and dogs

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I am not surprised by this piece of news, though blogosphere seem to be in a tizzy – Technorati alone list 256 blog entries containing the keywords “beijing cat death camps” when I checked.

To the gallows

Putting aside China’s ghastly record with regards to animal welfare and conservation – from bear bile, to eating cat and dog meat, cat and dog fur (more here) to the SARS induced civet cat cull, Beijing is not the first and only Olympic city with cat and dog culls on its agenda, with poison as a preferred method for its ease of implementation. Cats and dogs have a very bad deal when it comes to that human vanity called “image”, not only in China (though they do have friends). In Korea, the reverse happened for kitties and poochies: the Seoul 1996 Olympics games granted a very brief respite to cats and dogs as authorities bowed to international pressure and temporarily paused the cat and dog meat industry.

The thing is, cruel cat and dog culls are run-of-mill standard procedures for China, it’s just that there’s a spotlight focused on it because of the Olympics. Which begs the question: are the Olympics really a cause for celebration?

“Citius, Altius, Fortius” goes the Olympics motto. Physically, athletically, the esoterics of “Faster, Higher, Stronger” captivates most people, yours truly included.

But since learning about some of the the city-beautifying works an Olympic city goes through to present its best side during the Games, I keep seeing the business ends of catch poles (for catching cats and dogs) when I see these rings:

Beijing’s conduct is simply Athens 2004 all over again. There were petitions (eg: Olympics 2004: give the strays of Greece a sporting chance) and protests/boycotts. Talk about a Greek tragedy, if only going to the dogs was meant in a good way. (NOTE: I have not found anything that talks about the impact of any of these activities though this site gives a on-site narration and chronology). History is repeating itself, only now the venue is China.

image0000001180.jpgSingapore is hosting the Youth Olympics 2010… Imagine what will be in store for our cats and dogs on the streets, already treated like vermin and culled avidly by authorities who refuse to see that culling aka felinicide doesn’t work? In reaction to SARS in 2003, the Singapore government culled domestic cats vis-a-vis China’s civet cats cull.

(That Southern China Is Not the Only Source for Volatile Live Animal Markets is small comfort, but even more alarmingly, civet cats are still available in the quickly revived and now thriving, in more ways than one, exotic meat markets. So much for health scares, nothing kills the killer Chinese appetite)

Does Singapore want to share the Chinese Olympic symbol? Oh wait, but we already got the rights to it. Read this chronology of events surrounding the rounding-up of community cats here and the bureaucratic obstacles the caregiver faced in getting them back last month: Two sterilised cats rounded up by Pest Control, Pest Control “made a mistake”, Very unhelpful AVA staff. (Separately, there was an account somewhere on conditions the AVA keep cats in until they are euthanized, but I can’t find it now)


In China, at least citizen action seem to yield some results, unlike Singapore. Perhaps activists and compassionate Chinese residents can help, and certainly from the article, it seems they are working on it.

(The search term “olympics, athens, cats, dogs” turned up a whole host of related articles on the cat and dog massacres in relation to Athens 2004, as did “olympics, beijing, cats, dogs” turn up articles on the ongoing cat and dog killings for Beijing 2008 etc)

Here is the full “Olympics clean-up Chinese style: Inside Beijing’s shocking death camp for cats” article for your reference. Scroll to the bottom for resources, references and how to help.

08/03/08 – World news section

Olympics clean-up Chinese style: Inside Beijing’s shocking death camp for cats

Thousands of pet cats in Beijing are being abandoned by their owners and sent to die in secretive government pounds as China mounts an aggressive drive to clean up the capital in preparation for the Olympic Games. Hundreds of cats a day are being rounded and crammed into cages so small they cannot even turn around. Then they are trucked to what animal welfare groups describe as death camps on the edges of the city. The cull comes in the wake of a government campaign warning of the diseases cats carry and ordering residents to help clear the streets of them.


Cat owners, terrified by the disease warning, are dumping their pets in the streets to be picked up by special collection teams.

Paranoia is so intense that six stray cats -including two pregnant females – were beaten to death with sticks by teachers at a Beijing kindergarten, who feared they might pass illnesses to the children.

China’s leaders are convinced that animals pose a serious urban health risk and may have contributed to the outbreak of SARS – a deadly respiratory virus – in 2003.

But the crackdown on cats is seen by animal campaigners as just one of a number of extreme measures being taken by communist leaders to ensure that its capital appears clean, green and welcoming during the Olympics.


Secretive: The compound at Da Niu Fang which is patrolled by security guards

Polluting factories in and around the city are being ordered to shut down or relocate during the Games to ease Beijing’s choking smog and drivers are allowed out on to the roads only three times a week.

Fares on the city’s underground network have been cut to just two yuan (14p) for any journey – a six-fold reduction on some routes – to keep people off buses, and beggars and street sleepers are being moved to out-of-town camps or given train fares back to their home provinces.

Meanwhile, taxi drivers have been made to attend lessons in how to greet passengers politely in English and a city-wide courtesy campaign has been launched to teach Beijing’s notoriously dour and grumpy citizens how to smile and be pleasant to foreigners.

The cull of Beijing’s estimated 500,000 cat population is certain to provoke international outrage as it comes just over a year after the Chinese were criticised for rounding up and killing stray dogs across the country.


Refuge: Campaigner Hu Yuan, 80, with some of the 250 cats she has taken in at her Beijing home

Animal welfare groups in China are already protesting, but their members fear punishment from the authorities.

Officials say people can adopt animals from the 12 cat pounds set up around the city, but welfare groups say they are almost impossible to get inside and believe few cats survive.

One cat lovers’ group negotiated the release of 30 pets from one of the compounds in Shahe, north-west Beijing, but said they were in such a pitiful condition that half of them died within days of their release.

“These cats are being left to die. It is very inhumane,” said the group’s founder Yan Qi, who runs a sanctuary for cats.

catmos0703_228x325.jpg“People don’t want to keep cats in Beijing any more so they abandon them or send them to the compounds.

“When we went inside, we saw about 70 cats being kept in cages stacked one on top of the other in two tiny rooms.

“Disease spreads quickly among them and they die slowly in agony and distress. The government won’t even do the cats the kindness of giving them lethal injections when they become sick. They just wait for them to die.

“It is the abandoned pets that suffer the most and die the soonest. They relied so much on their owners that they can’t cope with the new environment.

“Most refuse to eat or drink and get sick more quickly than the feral cats.”

Ms Yan’s group has now been denied access to the pounds. “We do not believe any of the cats that go in there survive,” she said. “They are like death camps.”

Ms Yan said there was another reason for people abandoning their cats – the 200 yuan (£14) fee they face if they want to have their pets neutered and tagged.

“We have tried to negotiate with the government to stop the round-ups and to introduce cut-price neutering services so that people can afford to keep their pets but they won’t listen to us,” she said.

“They are not thinking about the cats. They just want to get results in the quickest way possible, by clearing as many cats from the city as they can.”

Retired doctor Hu Yuan, 80, runs one of the few remaining refuges for abandoned pets in her ramshackle home in the ancient Long Tou Jing area of Beijing.

She shares her tiny home with 250 abandoned cats and has taken in 70 over the past 12 months alone.

She pays for neutering and food from her pension and donations. She said: “If I don’t take them in, the government will kill them.

“People believe what the government tells them and that is why they are abandoning more and more family pets.”

She said the problem could be traced back to former president Jiang Zemin for the crackdown.

“He didn’t like dogs so he decided to have dogs killed. But there was a bad reaction from the foreign media and they were pressured to stop.

“Now they have stopped killing dogs but the new victims are cats. It is all connected to the Olympics.”

Cats are regularly dumped on her doorstep late at night by owners frightened by the government campaign.

“The situation is very bad now,” said Ms Hu. “When women get pregnant, the doctor will ask them if they have a cat in the house.

“If they reply Yes, they tell them, ‘You must get rid of it, it will be bad for the baby’.

“I keep all the cats in my house and 100 of them sleep in my bedroom at night. I am too frightened to let them out. If they go outside, they will be taken away and killed.

“The government is not telling people the truth. Look at me. I live with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week and I am very healthy.”

The round-up has been particularly intense in areas around Olympic venues and in streets and alleys surrounding five-star hotels where guests will stay during the summer games.

Despite the health warnings, the round-up of cats has led to a surge in the number of restaurants in the capital serving cat meat, according to Ms Hu.

She said hundreds of cats were also being sent to Guangzhou in southern China, an area infamous for restaurants that serve meat from cats and dogs and exotic animals such as snakes and tigers.

It was in July last year that district officials were instructed to begin an intense round-up of cats as part of Beijing’s pre-Olympics clean-up. Now notices have been put up urging residents to hand in cats.

Welfare groups estimate that tens of thousands have been collected in the past few months.

The Mail on Sunday went to the cat pound in Shahe on the north-western fringes of Beijing but we were repeatedly refused admission.

“No one can come in without official papers,” staff shouted from behind padlocked steel gates.

At another, larger compound in Da Niu Fang village, the sound of cats wailing could be clearly heard coming from a cluster of tin-roofed sheds, but workers denied they were holding any cats.

“There are no cats here, go away. No one is allowed inside unless you have official permission,” a security guard said.

The killing of the six stray cats at the kindergarten – where staff at a Beijing cigarette factory leave their children – is the most striking illustration of the city-wide fear of cats.

A teacher at the nursery said: “We did it out of love for the children. We were worried the cats might harm them. These six cats had been hanging around the kindergarten looking for food.

“So three male teachers put out plates of tuna in cages for bait, trapped the cats and then beat them to death with sticks.

“We were very worried the children might try to stroke them and that the cats might scratch them or pass on diseases. We had to get rid of the cats and this was the only way to do it.”

Christie Yang of the charity Animals Asia, which liaises with the Beijing animal welfare groups, said: “We are seriously concerned.

“We understand that with the Olympic Games the Beijing government is eager to show the world the city in a good light.

“But capturing and dealing with cats in such an inhumane way will seriously tarnish the image of Beijing and the Games.”

Names of the animal campaigners have been changed as the people we interviewed are concerned about officials’ reaction to our story.

Find this story at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/worldnews.html?in_article_id=528694&in_page_id=1811
©2008 Associated New Media

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So what can be done? Do we sit by and do nothing? No, we CAN do something. Here’s how. (NOTE: some pictures are disturbing and are likely to be termed ‘offensive to good senses’, but the question is this – are human good senses so in need of protection or is the reality of facing and doing something about this cruelty more important, more pertinent?)

dogcatfriends.jpgTake Action

* VERY IMPORTANT: Petition link on site: Alley Cat Allies to Ask China to Provide Humane Care for Outdoor Cats
* Sign this petition: Stop China from the continuing slaughter of dogs and cats
* Sign this one too: STOP THE DOG AND CAT FUR TRADE !
* What else you can do. Read this website for a comprehensive list of actions you can take. You don’t have to give a limb to help, but a bit of your time may just be the start of a difference – a difference of life and death to some hapless cats or dogs: Chinese Cruelty To Cats, Dogs & Other Animals


* Alley Cat Allies to Ask China to Provide Humane Care for Outdoor Cats
* Stop Slaughtering Dogs in China
* Grecian dogs and cats who suffered from being poisoned (showcasing the reality of what happens to dogs and cats in the name of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games)
* Save the dogs of China from death by cruel beating and other abuses (petition links at bottom)
* IFAW’s Animal Rescue Blog: China’s Cruel Cure for Rabies
* Horrifying Evidence of Chinese barbarity against defenceless animals (petition links at bottom)

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19 responses to “Olympics clean-up Chinese style: Beijing 2008 propagate death camp for cats and dogs

  1. We can help stop the killing of cats and dogs in China by boycotting China. Don’t visit China. Why spend your tourist dollars on a country that culls cats and dogs.
    Don’t promote the economy of China.
    Boycott buying China made products, their movies and their services.
    Remember the pet food recalls?
    Even China made pet food kills our pets, so please don’t buy petfood made in China.
    Boycott the Olympic Games in China. Don’t watch the Olympics games on TV. Show the barbaric country China that we care for the welfare of animals.

  2. I dont understand the “ignorance” of the Chinese people who would rather kill these dogs than to be educated, and do something more about them. If you dont want dogs, than ship them out of the country. Put them up for adoption, make money for your already rich country. Dont do to them that you would not dare do to your parent, grandparent or child. Now think of this, how would you feel if your loved one was taken into the street and clubbed to death, just because of the way they looked, or might have a disease. That is what is happening to a dog. They cant talk, but they are good, and will protect you in a harmful situation. I have to believe that animals were put on this earth for a lot more than being slaughtered for human pleasure. I mean when you are beating them to death, does their cry of pain mean anything to you, or do you find that joyful.

    I dont mean to be so blunt, but this has got to stop. We have the power to stop this if enough of us get together, and ban these countries from having these animals.

  3. Aminah Bee,
    Yes, there are things we can do, but how people are doing it? How many people bother?

    I agree that China has to be made aware and responsible of their cruelty.

    But once again, is China alone in its abject animal welfare record? If you read our blog, you should be aware that I regularly make posts about cruelty around the world, 3 just yesterday alone.

    So back to the topic at hand: it’s China today you want to boycott today… how about London? Athens? Korea? Japan, Norway? Canada? The Middle East? East Europe? United States, Brazil? And countless other places. What are you going to do about them? Economics today is such that you are supporting one sort of cruelty or another, no matter how you avoid a certain geography. The only way you can be sure to be cruelty-free is to go vegan and live in a self-sustaining commune. How many people can do that? Can you?

    Now before you start thinking that I am defending China’s record or nitpicking at you, I want to make it clear I’m merely playing devil’s advocate here. Really, what does blind boycotting achieve? Isn’t it lopsided to be so passionate about China and not other places? Are we only concerned about animal welfare in China??

    I believe that if we truly care for animal welfare, then we should start at home, with ourselves. The crux should be coming up with a real effective solution and setting examples, adn yes, by living it ourselves.

    Thanks for your constructive rant. I agree with you – what you describe would provide the foundation of a real solution, not stop-gap measures that does no one any good.

    Be blunt by all means, I am ethnic Chinese, and I can’t stand it either.

  4. cheng wai yin

    Be Kind To Animals!

  5. Just keep getting the word out. If enough people express outrage, China may be forced to make a turn in the right direction, as the eyes of the World are upon them right now.

    Mike Smith

  6. Beijing and China are the worst places to be right now in the world. They need to know what their doing is wrong and freakishly out of control with stuffing poor cats in tiny little boxes where they cant move at all!!!!!!! I think that what their doing to animals is very wrong. It is cruel and unusual punishment for the cat and cat lovers!

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  8. What a disgusting way to hide an even more disgusting issue. Their citizens are choking from the smog, and we didn’t see many masks being worn during the Olympics. Everyone jokes about what the Chinese “really” eat. It’s no joke . Nor is their deplorable disregard for all life.

  9. I speak for all the animals



    STop the cruelty on cats , or dogs… I have 3 my own they all being adopted, but get educated and learn more about nutter and spayed,,Cats and dogs are just like people they can’t speak like people but they do understand and they are smarter.
    I don’t like leather or fur and I will never wear it . Just imagen they kill animals what will be next???…scary unnhhh_________– animal lovers lets speak up for natures creatures. Thanks.

  10. All the cats are very beautiful, cute, special and we must safe them. We must stop this things in china!


  12. it’s cruel and disgusting what they do to animals, but don’t we do the same to farm animals, wildlife, and fur trade victims in this country? anyone still eating meat needs to take a hard look at themself before pointing the finger at other countries. ignorance and cruelty are everywhere. just watch animal cops sometime. some people just don’t care what happens to their animals. it’s wrong.

  13. i agree with you veggiegurl. we are so concerned about outside happenings that we ignore what they do to the poor animals in factory farms! the horrible living conditions(especially for pigs and chickens) and the atrocious ways of extermination, but atleast we respect some animals here, like the loyal and loving dogs and very smart loving cats. It seems to me that about 99% of chinese have no respect for others, including their own species. They eat anything that moves and they have almost no respect for women, resulting in those sickening sex-selective abortions. I plan to never visit China, why would anyone really? its just an overpopulated landmass fulll of smog! and i really wish the US and other major countries would take their business elsewhere. Woah long comment i should start my homework!

  14. Doesn’t anyone READ anymore? Here, try this on for size: this blogs post is about the horrors against homeless animals by the authorities in Beijing as an OLYMPIC CITY (without taking away from the horrors that are visited on them as part of daily life in China or elsewhere, and even in my country – Singapore, Youth Olympic City 2010), and how BEIJING IS HARDLY THE ONLY OLYMPIC CITY to do so. Heck, HOMELESS ANIMAL MASSACRE IS NOT EVEN CONFINED TO THE OLYMPIC CITIES IN THE EAST – Athens and Sydney if you don’t know.

    Before shooting off about Chinese cruelties, try asking yourself: how can the Olympics and its supporters allow homeless animal slaughter to be perpetuated in its name?

    I would have preferred to let the highly subjective blanket ranting ravings of people like Krystal run its own course. But the complete randomness and coverage of her “99% of chinese have no respect for others, including their own species” statement is just too galling.

    I can just as well say 99% of Californians have no appreciation of the beautiful resources they trample over every day. But no, that would paint me the same bigotry as her ilk. I won’t even comment on the rest of her rant except: please do do your homework before you start spouting.

  15. hi , i’m abby i’m 9 and not very suprised to see what is happening i think this si very wrong do chinease people have no hearts how do they look at these little fur balls and eat them! but also how do some people eat dolhphins and other sea creatures i eat crab that is the only sea creature i know of eating does that effect anyone like chinease people i am not sure but it does effect the USA when the eat our cats and dogstaht dissapoints me that they keep going on that should be a law and right as someone said we can make a change but 4 or 5 of us is not a ENOUGH!
    PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS SAYING 1 PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFERENC EBUT WHEN ONE PERSON WANTS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE we can’t do it and where not heard how can we be heard i do not no but i know sometihng needs to be DONE NOW! abby 9 yrs old thank you for reading

  16. i feel horified that i dident know how barberic people are

  17. omg this is so sick. i wanted to cry, and puke at the same time. i want to save those poor innocent kitties and make them feel safe. this is so typical of the chineese to do this. they dont care about animals and pets- they eat them. i have two cats of my own and would never ever beat them or throw them out in the streets to be taken away to some “CAMP”. cant you take the poor creatures to a vet insted of a death camp? this is like hitler and the germans.

  18. well in a way we r barbaric to just because its a cat or a dog doesnt make it more wrong than the way we treat our farm animals sometimes…dont get me wrong i have 3 cats of my own and i would never harm them or do anything to hurt them…but come on ppls there are other countrys in this world besides china that eat and kills cats…the horible thing is that china tells their ppl that the cats have deseises that will get the children sick. there are no desesies that wil transfer to a human by cat unless u r bitten and even then the deseises are cureable…we need to take action to ALL countrys including our own…so befor u rag on about china…you need to be aware of the fact that our OWN country is almost as cruel…