Urgent! 1-month old ginger kittens for adoption

Just got this in the email. Anyone can help?

yellowkittens.jpgThere are 4 kittens and their mommy residing in a restaurant. They look exactly the same and very cute (4 of a kind!). We are afraid they cannot be in the restaurant for long as the management may not approve if they ever find out. Urgent! Hope fosters and adpoters will come forward and give them a home. Please help to spread the words. Contact person is Yong at 9824 5852. Thanks


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  1. hi do they need to be adopted together? can i only adopt one instead?

  2. Please do not just give these kitttens to anyone! People who act like they will be wonderful owners to them might take them just to sell them to laboratories or torture and kill them themselves! it’s SICK, but it happens ALL THE TIME! It would be safer to give them to the local shelter. They will screen adopters. Or look up your local ASPCA OR SPCA number for assitance. If you could post their picture, you can find a phone number. PLEASE! For their safety! I already have 5 pets and that is all I am allowed in my town or I would take them myself..

  3. Lynn,
    I’m not sure – am really just posting on behalf. I have forwarded your query to my contact for follow-up though. But I suggest that you call the contact person directly to find out.

    Calm down. I’m not the person putting these babies up for adoption, but I trust my contact to do the right thing – many of us here in Singapore do adoption work privately and of course we also handle the adoption screening process ourselves. I would not have helped to put this up here if I have any doubts that the kittens are not going to be responsibly rehomed.


  4. Hi, thanks for replying, on second thoughts, I don’t feel good separating a kitten from its mother, if i were to only adopt one…and yet i can’t afford to adopt them all…

    I hope there’ll be someone who’ll be able to adopt them all at once so they don’t have to be separated..I will ask around too.

  5. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for the update. I understand your dilemma, but personally, I feel that being able to give one kitten a home is better than having all four kittens being homeless. The reality is there are very very few people who would take the whole litter anyway. I speak from my 2 years experience rehoming cats.

    Have you contacted the guardian? Perhaps with more details and info, you can then decide how best to proceed. No harm done if your evaluation is still no to adopting 1 kitten, plus it will be useful backup when you talk to people too.


  6. Hi Calsifer, the main thing that worries me is that the kitten is still too young and they will still need their mother for milk, if I were to adopt one of them, I’m sure they would keep mewing and looking for the mother, I’m afraid this would disturb the neighbours as im living in a hdb flat…also I do not have much experience with such a young kitten, however I do have the intention to adopt a kitten, but i would prefer to have a kitten that is not less than 3 months..and more likely to be independent of its mother…infact i did saw some kittens over at the cat welfare society…I might adopt one from there 🙂

    I’m sorry for the inconvenience of all this, I will surely help to post up the adoption of this lovely kittens in my blogs, and will asked my friends to spread the word around. I hope they will all find a good home too.

  7. Hi Lynn,
    I understand what you mean… but then I also don’t think the contact person(s) intend to separate the kittens from their mother before they are ready. It would make no sense since as you mentioned, they do still need mummy at this stage. Also, I’m sure your friends would have the same concerns as you… so the best course of action is to leave them with mummy for now but there’s no harm in committing to taking one.

    BTW we’ve seen kittens weaned much earlier than the usual 3 months… when we found Neo, she was at most 1.5 months, but was already a pro at solids.

  8. Hi Calsifer,

    Thanks for the information, I didn’t know that..:) My mom and dad used to take in stray cats when I was younger, but never a kitten, so I didn’t have much experience with one…I just know that they might need their mommy…hehe..

    However, I received an E-Mail from Delia Toh, and she said all the kittens have been adopted 🙂

  9. Iwant to adopt a kitten but i dont know your adress for all i know you could be someone giving these kittens in japan

  10. Lynn,
    Thanks for the headsup. =)

  11. where are the kittens located? have they already been adopted? please respond.

  12. Carol,
    Please refer to comment by lynn, on March 17th, 2008 at 11:51 pm. They are adopted.

  13. iLoVeYoUaLwAySbAbY

    I love them already….you are such a good person too try and find them a home



  14. Hi, Are these kittens still available?

  15. whoops disregard. But I am looking for ginger kittens – preferably female and not sterilised