London Also Spilling Cat Blood For Olympics

China bashing, ever popular past-time of citizens angry about the state of things at home, and politicians with an agenda to hide, embraces everything from US Pet Food Recall 2007 to kitty and poochie death camps in the name of the Olympics.

Take a look in cyberspace and you see smatterings of “boycott China”, “ban China”, “I Hate Them”, “Chinese are cruel” a host of similar rants in the menagerie. (I got a hysterical email with all these calls.)

However, from an animal welfare perspective, are the Chinese so unique in their cruelty? Take a look at this report on London 2012. It was reported late last year. (source: Cats to be sacrificed on altar of expediency for Olympic glory) Do you see the same intensity in the outcry over this? I don’t. The world is biased, even in its outrage.

Yes, in mitigation, London seemed to have done some work in minimising the kitty death toll. But the fact remains that some are more equal than others. (Links mine)

Last Updated: Monday, 26 November 2007, 10:54 GMT

Olympic cats ‘could be crushed’

Hundreds of stray cats and kittens face being crushed during demolition at the Olympic stadium site, it is claimed.

The Celia Hammond Animal Trust said London 2012 bosses had reneged on a deal to allow the charity access to the east London site to rescue cats there.

A computer generated image of how the 2012 Olympic Park will look

Three litters of newborn kittens were said to have been found on the site
Former model Celia Hammond said about 150 cats and kittens on the site had been saved but more were at risk. The Olympic Delivery Authority said it was discussing the timing of future visits with the trust. ‘Feral kittens’ But a spokesman said prolonged access to the site was no longer possible.

“We have been working closely with the Celia Hammond Trust for a number of months to capture and remove over 150 feral kittens and lactating cats,” he said.

“Each building is thoroughly checked for wildlife ahead of demolition and the ODA has agreed to contact the Celia Hammond Trust if [cats] are discovered…”

He said there was significant contamination on the Olympic site and the ODA’s number one priority was ensuring the safety of its workforce and visitors.

A petition on the Celia Hammond Trust website has attracted more than 5,000 supporters’ signatures.

Actress Joanna Lumley is also supporting the campaign.


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