Bad news

Sigh… Foster Mum has announced that she will not be taking in any more cats, whether for boarding, rehoming or nursing until further notice. Which means indefinitely.

The cattery is so crowded and the work so overwhelming for her and her two helpers it is putting a strain on all their healths and even family relationships.

Before, Foster Mum would almost always make allowances for kitties in dangerous situations or in dire need of care even when the cattery is at capacity. But this time she won’t be able to do so. She is very sad but will have to steel her heart and firmly say “no” to one and all.

Us minions can only hope that things get better soon for her and her helpers, and that the cattery kitties behave themselves. We can also only keep our fingers crossed that we do not come across any needy kitty meantime – because we simply have no alternative that we trust at the present moment.


Bad news 2: things at the new workplace seem to be falling apart, I have to be ready to bail anytime. Anyone able to recommend a good recruiter or a good stable employer? I’m a HRIS (human resource info systems) analyst good with functional HR processes, experienced in Oracle HRMS (both functional and configuration), and Crystal Reports.

URGH! What a terrible week this has been, doubly so for me.


4 responses to “Bad news

  1. So sorry to hear that! I guess there would be a suitable position open at CWS… but it may not pay enough to feed the clan 😦
    Sigh… just hoping to find a replacement for Dawn

  2. 😐 Yeah, if only enthusiasm generates money… but as it is, no, the CWS job would not pay enough, neither for our human family nor the clannies.

  3. hey..haf u tried to apply thru agencies? adecco’s a good one. i got my job thru them

  4. Diana,
    I’ve got my resume registered in so many places I lost track. 😛