Animal hoarding: The crazy cat lady, explained

Since we’re on the topic of kitty sanctuary, the dark side, aka animal hoarding, must be scrutinised as well. People who have followed local news, or Dawn’s working blog, would be aware of cases happening here too.

… it is extremely important that veterinarians and other professionals recognize, that despite the animal hoarder’s claims of extreme love and concern for the animals, animal hoarding is more than just a misguided attempt at rescuing animals.

“It’s not about a legitimate shelter or animal rescue,” he said. “It’s not about the animals; it’s about fulfilling a human need.”


Repeat after me: Animal hoarders are not sanctuary operators, animal hoarding is not normal behaviour! Animals are victims of hoarders and they suffer tremendously. Animal hoarders need (psychiatric) help but cannot be condoned, and the rest of us have a part to play.

The hoarder exposed:
Animal hoarding: The crazy cat lady, explained

(Once again, kudos to Dawn’s blog.)
If you know a hoarder, don’t say nothing, don’t help him/her hide it… help him/her and the animal victims.

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