Becky in a bit of danger

So it seems that once sighted, she would appear multiple times. I sighted her again earlier this evening on the way home.


However, I’m a bit concerned as she was sitting within the vicinity of the eatery in Area 2. We would love to rehome her, as she is just super affectionate. But our hands are tied as Foster Mum is not able to take in any more cats right now.

She was blithely staring into space as a boy sitted at the table nearest her treid to scare her away… and of courese, his guardians did absolutely nothing to stop his loutish speciesism. I did not try to lure her away as she is absolutely not in touch with the signature caregiver clicking call to dinner and friendship. It would just draw even more attention to her presence so I continued on my way, hoping that she leave the eatery perimeter soon.

We can only hope that she will be safe until we can make arrangements for her at a later date.

As I walked away, I noted the unfriendly kitten running guerilla warfare alongside my route, which was the pavement hugging a road. She was carefully scurrying from car to car, not 30cm away from me. So near, yet so far.


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