April update – she’s most definitely an ex-Malay cat

On 3 Mar, the second day that April went home, her new mum, YJ sent these pictures she took soon after April got home. Even though we know she’s been studiously padding up since her sterilisation, it’s still quite a kicker to see her rotundness in a home setting. She looks rotunder somehow.



April was already exploring the whole house when YJ emailed me these pics.

Over the next weeks, until today in fact, YJ conscientiously watched and observe April.

On Mar 5, she sent this update and question:

i put her litter box in my room last nite… coz afraid that she has not get use to it…. so last nite.. she peed in the litter box…. and this morning i move the litter box outside my room… a little bit of distance…. a little far from my room…. and told her thats where she shit…. but just now… she shitted in my toilet… right on top of the hole… where normally the water goes in….. hmm….. do u think izzit coz the litter box too far? or anything? coz 2 rooms door were opened… and she chose the toilet to shit…..

So I replied her:

I think it may be due to her habits from her ex-owners. Her choice of shithole is very typical of pet cats in Malay families – who don’t provide a litterbox but train their pets to do it at the hole.

April probably saw the hole and reverted to her old habit. What you can do is put the litterbox over the hole for now so she uses it instead of the hole. I will try to look up info on retraining cats to use the litterbox for your reference.

YJ decided to keep her bathroom door closed, and thankfully, April has been using the litterbox dutifully. As there was, understandably, no direct reference online about this very local phenomenon, I emailed her the next best thing I could find:

There’s quite a few sites about litter-box training but I didn’t find anything that talks specifically about a situation like hers. But here’s something that may be useful info: http://www.perfectpaws.com/train.html

Over the next few days, YJ would email updates and questions, which I tried to answer as best as I could. In the end I gave her this reply

=) honestly, we can only tell you how she was at the cattery, which is usually good enough for a new cat mum to get started on knowing the kitty. But well, for April, it doesn’t seem to be too helpful, eh? we certainly didn’t expect her to get comfortable so fast… nor that she will go to the drainage hole to poo, though we suspected she was a Malay cat as we thought any bad habits would have been overcome after all that time in the cattery =P Sorry about that.

YJ has been really gracious about the process of learning about April and has even sent her for a checkup, and I think grooming. Here are the lastest photos we got over the weekend.





We always thought April would do better as a single cat, and given her rapid assimilation, she is really more than happy to be kitty numero uno. The important thing is that despite her history, YJ is prepared and ready to give April all the medical attention she might need. This kitty lucked out as most potential adopters already have 1 cat or more, and would baulk at taking on a cat who comes attached with such potential for vet bill bombs.


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  1. This cat has ‘human’ lips – so full.