Tax season’s on us: our taxes go to cat-killing subsidies

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Free Loan of Cat Traps

for the Purpose of

Killing Cats

If like us minions, you are Singaporean, then you have got your IRAS password and so on by now.


While filling up that tax submission, take a moment to ponder this: where does YOUR tax money go?

Admittedly, each of us will be contributing toward things that we are against personally, for whatever reason: defence spending, unreal ministerial salaries…

But what about things that we CAN change?

It is no secret:

AVA loans animal traps to the public, for FREE



From cats to monkeys, nothing is safe from petty human vendetta.

So in effect, we taxpayers of Singapore are subsidising, and perhaps condoning the intolerance of Singaporeans.

EVERY animal that ends up at the AVA are put positively to death, sentimentalising of reality be damned.

Marty_20071208_24xAgain, the injection and the manpower to do it are subsidised by taxpayers of Singapore.

If you believe it is a waste of taxpayer money for AVA to loan out animal traps for FREE, please sign the petition.

The earlier the better, the more the merrier. Please tell your friends too. The last I check, there were only 354 signatories. Surely there are more animal lovers and compassionate human beings who want their voices and opinions to be heard too?

Thank you.


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