Taking things for granted = human nature?

Now that Bunny‘s adopted, we hope that it will go someways in alleviating the crunch at the cattery, and that Foster Mum will be able to take in kitties again soon. Part of the reason for the crunch is the unending requests for boarding space from all and sundry, and sometimes emotional blackmail upon Foster Mum’s soft heart. While we can understand why this is happening, we are also wringing our hands in anxiety as Foster Mum’s decision affects us minions’ efforts as well. We’re feeling anxious and nervous until we know she is able to take in kitties again.

All caregivers, or anyone involved with kitty rescue, need help and we all want help. Personally, while us minions, like every other caregiver, would also love to bring every single kitty we come across in to the cattery, for the safety factor if noting else, we’ve always tried to be mindful of overloading Foster Mum and her helpers with what is essentially a personal endeavour, regardless of the fact that we handle all adoption liaisons ourselves and then some. And naturally we also bear all financial responsibility (now with the generousity of some kind people) for each individual kitty we have with her – which is why our scale of operation is so small. After all, there is only 1 Foster Mum and 2 helpers, and there is only so much they can do in a 24 hour day, day in day out for 150 to 250 kitties with such an eclectic mix of care needs, without breaking down.

Sometimes it feels like we’re bearing the consequence of somebody else’s actions, but we can do nothing else but wait patiently for Foster Mum to open the cattery doors to new kitties again, and show our understanding and support (eg not pushing her to let us bring in more, and helping to put up and promote kitties with no guardians for adoption) during this stressful time.

Rheilly: Oh no.

Off on a related topic: sterilisation of homeless aka community cats. Through piggy-backing on Foster Mum’s accounts with some vets, we’ve been very lucky with getting prompt appointments for sterilisation. We can almost always get an appointment for the next day (weekdays only of course), because of it. It is not only us minions who does this, as Foster Mum’s aim is to help as many cats get sterilised as possible.

Of course common decency would demand that whoever wants to piggy-back on a Foster Mum account at any clinic ought to observe the few simple rules like let her know beforehand so that a slot can be confirmed and so she knows who to collect payment from, and also to abide by certain house rules like no kitty de-mojo surgeries on weekends and so on. Us minions are grateful and deeply appreciative, and so we’re extremely mindful to abide by all explicit and implicit rules.

However, it appears that some recent events with some individuals has forced Foster Mum to close her accounts with all the vets she was working with. Why? Because some pregnant cats and kitties on heat were sent for sterilisation without her knowing, and no one has owned up to it. Foster Mum has had to bear ALL costs and consequences (sterilisation for pregnant cats and kitties on heat cost more due to complications, and also they require longer recuperation time).

Again, because of somebody(s) inconsideration, others are affected. We can only hope that we do not need de-mojo slots soon… though we do need have to plan for kitty-napping because of the kitty-parade in Area 2.

Imagine if something like what is happening to Foster Mum happened to you – how would you feel? Aren’t consideration and mindfulness basic courtesy, basic human decency? Is it so ingrained a human nature, to take things for granted and to cause the destruction of what was once good things for all involved?


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