The other side of the coin

In the last week, TNRM was in the Singapore eye in more ways than one. The fact is, caring for cats, aka running TNRM, is never really just about the kitties themselves.

A complainant-vs-carpark-feeder storm in a teacup howled around a certain website. The ugliness that exploded was not just due to the complainant’s attitude. It seems like the person(s) feeding did not appreciate that the better part of valour is calm and meaningful engagement.

Dawn has written a follow-up on it, focusing on what ought to have been done by the feeder, if not already actioned-upon. It is a great exposition on how feeders/caregivers should handle such touchy complaint situations.

Everyone who cares for or work with community cats should read it and keep it in mind. Because in any kitty-issue tussle, the villian is not always the complainant, and the losers are always the kitties.


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