Trust and naivete: How we exploit and abuse them so

I read this post about Shin the husky on Project Just Kindness:

For the bulk of five years, Shin was fed two slices of bread every morning and a bowl of rice with egg in the evening — which account for his mere 15 kg, when we weighed him at the vet’s. Shin suffered from overgrown (hooked) nails, which the vet clipped; yeasty ears; left eye infection (could be dry eye); fungal infection on skin; weakend hind joints; (quite) poor coat; a ‘ring’ that has eaten into his flesh around his neck. Yesterday, for the very first time in five years, he visited the vet and received his first vaccination.

Shin has every reason to fear or hate humans. And yet, he is a happy dog, desperate for love and attention. Human love and attention.

I don’t think anyone who has come into contact with doggies and kitties find this extraordinary. Pet animals are really like babies, only they can’t quite speak human and they’re not bipedal. But it breaks the heart sometimes to realise how utterly complete their trust and love can be.

Is it any wonder the David Hoois in our midst are able to satisfy their bloodlust with impunity? Victims are so easily found, and so easily secured.

Us minions have our fair share of experience with it. Most kitties are easily shooed into carriers for de-mojoing. Often we are seen by others, but rarely are we questioned by witnesses as to our purpose. Of course we are able to tell anyone who ask about TNRM, and carry-on with our work, but those with sinister intent would probably back away to be confronted… I shudder to think how many kitties or doggies are picked up by those with ulterior motives, all because Singaporeans don’t care enough.


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