Unbelievable: Hoarder sucessfully reformed

Animal hoarders are breed of human to fear, even more so for the animals they hoard. However, I am pleasantly surprised to read about the success that the SCAA (Second Chance Animal Aid, Shanghai) was able to achieve with this one hoarder. Yes, this is also China, land of animal death camps and abject suffering.

How they achieved this:

On 1 November, SCAA Founder Carol Wolfson, Dog Foster Care Director Jaycee Chan and Vice-Director Sonny Gao, visited our SCAA hoarder project and are extremely pleased to report that the hoarder (who will remain nameless so that other hoarders don’t try to give him more animals knowing SCAA is assisting), has continued to follow all of the SCAA guidelines. It should be noted that not one hoarder SCAA has tried to help in the past three years has followed SCAA guidelines, thereby making it impossible for SCAA to continue support long-term. The fact that this hoarder has followed SCAA rules (and probation!) for almost one year is a very positive sign for the future.

Interestingly, and I agree fully with their stance, they say:

What we always find amazing when we visit this hoarder is that it’s an extremely stable cat population for its size (about 180 cats) and there is very little fighting and meowing/hissing. The entire environment is positive and calm. Many of the cats are already 5-16 years old, which indicates the hoarder has been taking sufficiently good care of the cats so that they are relatively healthy. This is the exact opposite of many hoarders we have visited, where the cats are diseased and in pain and allowed to run free. Consequently, at these locations, many cats are not spayed/neutered resulting in constantly new and very sick litters, of which the majority we would need to euthanize to try to save even a few. These hoarders will not follow SCAA requirements and we are forced to turn away although it always breaks our hearts.


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