The Dog, the Cat and the Rat, plus some freaked-out fatties

Filched off Dawn’s blog. There’s a message in there somewhere.

All three stars seem relaxed and at ease with each other and the situation. You’ll notice the dog’s tail is constantly awag, the cat’s tail still (plus kitty licks poochie, a lot), and the rat is calmly perched on cat.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Dog, the Cat and the Rat

Thanks to Judith for sending this in. This video comes via a user on youtube.

This is rather the polar opposite of a recent farce that took place in Singapore. If you go to the webcast site of Stomp and search for “Cat Kong”, you’ll find a video of a contest that purports to crown the largest cat in Singapore. Viewing the video, and I only managed less than a min before I closed the browser in disgust, told me two things:

  1. The owners who brought their cats to the contest are either ignorant or oblivious to the stress their cats they subject the poor kitties to. Almost every cat was hyperventilating.
  2. The search for Cat Kong should have been named FAT Kong. It is nothing more than a promotion of obesity, which is deterimental to cats, just as with humans.

From that angle, this event is more a human ego-boosting event, and another clever PR stunt, than something kitty would benefit from.


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