Kitty doesn’t have fall out from window and die

I just read this post and can’t help but feel sorry for poor Cinders.

My intention is not to pass judgment on her humans (for one, I can also understand the loss, the guilt they are feeling).

Rather, I ask that Cinder’s story be read as another poignant, but very real reminder, of the possibility. Please, everybody who have kitties:

mesh up for kitty’s sake.

It worries me to see how easily people dismiss (or else take lightly) the possibility of kitty going missing out the unmeshed front gate, or fall from a unmeshed window.

(Read this comment on Cinder’s post for another example – kitty can and do fall out of windows… it’s not so uncommon!)

Again, I reiterate that this is not a judgment nor I know what manner of preventive measures Cinder’s humans had adopted prior to this tragedy, but here’s the reality that should be held up against a death like Cinder’s: you can’t be 100% sure accidents won’t happen, as we’ve learnt painfully with our Kheilly, but it doesn’t take much to minimise the possibility of it happening.

Regret and sadness will be a heavy weight on your heart if tragedy strikes, but “If Only I… ” self-recriminations will be too late for kitty. Mesh it up!!!


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