Slacking for attainment

The answer has long been established. But if we had known the power of laziness, would we have followed  Arthur Dent on his crazy intergalactic hitchhiking journey to find the Question?… imagine that, all we needed to get there was inertia. Do the slackers know something we minions don’t?

07 April 2008

“Only in laziness can one achieve a state of contemplation which is a balancing of values, a weighing of oneself against the world and the world against itself. A busy man cannot find time for such balancing. We do not think a lazy man can commit murders, not great thefts, nor lead a mob. He would be more likely to think about it and laugh. And a nation of lazy contemplative men would be incapable of fighting a war unless their very laziness were attacked. Wars are the activities of busy-ness.”

“It is interesting and probably not at all important to note that when a human state is attempting collectivization, one of the first steps is a frantic call by the leaders for an increased birth rate – replacement parts in a shoddy and mediocre machine.”

– John Steinbeck & Ed Ricketts, The Log from the Sea of Cortez

(Filched off Budak’s blog. )


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