SOS: Izzy is missing, please help to keep a lookout

Izzy has gone missing since the pre-dawn hours of Sunday, 20 Apr 2008. Though he is well now, he does have a recurring problem with his gums, so he needs his dad’s tlc. Please, if you see him, contact Beng at yeonardo at gmail dot com or HP: 96850465.

Izzy is a large, plump classic tabby with a long tail and a tipped ear. He hangs out in the Oxley Road area.

Izzy_20070224_-13x Izzy_20070224_-05x
(Click here to see more pictures of Izzy)

If you’re around or know of friends living/active in the Oxley Road area, please help to keep a lookout for Izzy. He responds to his name, if the mood suits him. Thank you.

EDIT: Here’s the MISSING poster Beng has put up in the area, with contact details. (calsifer’s note: Izzy is not a Bengal though, but a DSH with lovely classic tabby markings. Bengals have more angular faces, and have differently patterned bodies than the classic tabby markings Iz’s got, and aren’t likely to be plump like him:))

(Filched from here)

EDIT 25 Apr 08: Izzy has been located and positively identified. He’s hiding on the roof of a private property carpark, among some ventilation structure, and is quite scared, which makes it difficult for Beng to get him out and down. Beng and friends are working on Izzy’s rescue.


7 responses to “SOS: Izzy is missing, please help to keep a lookout

  1. Oh no. What a beauty. Sorry to hear Izzy is lost.

  2. We’re hpoing he’s just nearby, spooked into hiding by the sudden thunderstorm.

  3. Have the cleaners been roped in to look. Give them a small incentive. They are the best people to look out.

  4. He’s been located and identified. I’ve put in details on the blog post itself. Thanks.

  5. he’s found! YAY!!!!

  6. The wordings used made me brace for some “bad” news. Hope not.