Keeping your pets flea-free AND safe

tec has warned readers to BEWARE Hartz tick and flea control products. While we personally can’t describe an effective non-commercial flea-control-product product because we don’t face a problem requiring constant or drastic anti-flea treatment for neither the slackers nor the clannies, this post on the late AgedCat’s blog may offer some insight.

But please do take note of this disclaimer preceding the post, and use your discretion to decide if the question in your mind should be directed to your vet or the AC’s person.

Le peigne anti-puce du Vieux Chat.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a veterinarian. I am only speaking from personal experience. Before introducing a new means of flea prevention and control, remember to consult your pet’s vet about the safety of the method.

But also please note that some vets remain unaware of the lives that Hartz products has claimed or permanently damaged, like this distressed couple found out the hard way.

Actually, it seems that ANY flea control product has the potential of harming not only your pets, but you and your family too. But it does seem that Hartz has claimed the most victims. Bottomline, whatever you choose to do, you need to know what you’re doing, and ALWAYS observe your pet for signs of illness or discomfort. Popularity is no guarantee of quality either.


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