Hero to the ducks

Since it IS Friday, here’s something to put a smile on your face:

… police officer, Dustin Carrell, stopped morning rush hour traffic … just so a female mallard and her ten ducklings could jaywalk…

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Of course this didn’t happen in Singapore. Mrs Duck would have been arrested and slapped with a fine, if she and her brood managed to cross a road here without having to scrape themselves off some my-ah-kong-owns-this-road road-raging speed demon’s tires. Then having no income or academic qualifications to prove her eligibility to have so many babies, she will be charged, while her kids will be rounded up, luckily not to the death row that is AVA, but to the slightly more life-extension plausible Singapore Zoo for quarantine. If they’re an endangered species, the Zoo will attempt to start another slated-to-be successful breeding programme. But then since they’re merely mallards, the ducklings might make some carnivore a tasty, if insubstantial snack. Or maybe, just maybe, they get amnesty and earn their keep by doing the Zoo’s flag day rounds.

But then, if this took place in Singapore, the picture of Mummy corralling successfully hatched babies for the big waddle would probably have happened only in Mrs Duck’s dreams.

There’s so many things that could have brought the Ducky family plans up short, like Lynn and I were just talking about:

lynn: aww…he’s so sweet
lynn: if u do this in singapore, u’ll b sued by the gov
lynn: not to mention jailed
lynn: for causing traffic jam
calsifer: i dun think it can even get that far
calsifer: some monster brat would have tried to steal the eggs or harass the family
calsifer: then he gets pecked
calsifer: and his stoopid parents will call down ava on the whole family liao
calsifer: or TC would have activated pest control
calsifer: anywhere but singapore, baby
lynn: haha, that’s true
lynn: touche on that

The only place where such family business can be successful here may be the Botanical Gardens… but no, I don’t want to turn this ‘aww’ moment into another dark snarky rant from moi. To end on a good note, go and read the article, and note comment number 3; New Yorkers sure seem like a bunch who appreciate ducky waddles.

PS: The article was flapped our way by Budak.


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