I spy

Our mum went out for a spot of early marketing yesterday morning. She came back in a bit of a fluster, as she heard a cat’s distressed cries in Ivan’s carpark. She also caught sight of a kitty inside the carpark, and it didn’t look like either Ivan, Cara, or Carlie.

We didn’t manage to see it, and since everything was quiet this morning, we assumed the newbie had been seen off by Ivan.

But just now, while out on dinner service duty, we saw it. btmao was clearing up after Ivan and Carlie (who had characteristically scooted off mid-meal after being spooked by the same Indian man and his scream-at-the-sight-of-cat daughter), while I went to look for Cara, who’s still missing. I returned to Ivan’s feeding spot to find both him and btmao staring at the same spot just outside the other end of the carpark, ie in the direction of home.

As I approached, btmao pointed out the kitty sniffing the ground. It was a very skinny but very adult sized cat with a long tail. In the half-light, it looked like an agouti tabby. We said good-bye to Ivan, and walked slowly toward the new kitty. As we approached, it got spooked and quickly scuttled into the carpark, under the cars there, but not before we saw the white bib on its chest. I also wondered what would have happened if Carlie had been able to finish her meal and taken her more usual route, which would have put her and the newbie in close proximity.

Since we were walking quietly, the newbie apparently felt safe enough not to run further, but watched us from between 2 cars as we passed by. I slowed to try to get a better look. It had a very small head, and huge bat ears. But apparently, the scrutiny was more than it could bear and it trotted under the next car. It was too dim for me to see if it carried family jewels. But given the small head on an adult body, the almost dainty feel of it, and the fact that Ivan seemed more curious than hostile, ala Stanley, we think this newcomer is a girl. Was it another abandoned kitty, or perhaps a free-ranging pet cat who’s new to the neighbourhood? In any case, we’ll see if we can demojo it asap.


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